“Thousands Show Up For Master P ‘King of The South’ Biopic In New Orleans”

New Orleans, LA – Actors and actresses from all over the south took the rare opportunity to compete and audition for a Hollywood role in the upcoming historical biopic, “King of The South”. Master P says, “We brought Hollywood to New Orleans. There’s a lot of untapped talent that will get discovered. I was excited to see the work ethic of these actors and the passion that they have for their craft.” The Ice Cream Man himself, has created a once in a lifetime opportunity for local actors in his hometown to be seen on the big screen. Uptown Group Pictures has set production to begin this Summer for “King of The South” movie. #KingoftheSouthMovie #MrIceCreamMan

“Master P Biopic Casting Shuts Down Hollywood”

Percy Miller, movie executive, gave Hollywood actors and actresses an opportunity to star in one of the next big biopics, "King of the South". Master P's real life story with A-Lister "Queen Latifa" and "Wendell Pierce" starring in the major motion picture that takes place in the mid 90's when Master P made the historical 80/20 distribution deal and went on to sell over 100 million records independently to date. Master P made it from the struggle of the Calliope Projects to Forbes. This is a true rags to riches story that took southern hip hop artists' music and careers to another level. Master P’s goal is to present an authentic feel to his unique story, he is offering an opportunity for untapped talent to co-star in this film, if they have what it takes. The casting tour with Uptown Group Pictures has been searching worldwide and the final stop is in Master P’s hometown New Orleans on April 4th. The movie will be filmed this Summer 2017. #KingoftheSouthMovie #MrIceCreamMan